Sunday, January 4, 2009


I saw "Twilight" just a few days after it was released in theaters and fell in love with the storyline. However, my friend Kira told me that I HAVE to read the book, so I went out and bought it right away. I started reading it the minute I got home and read through Chapter 4 almost immediately. Well, with the choas that came with my wedding and the holidays, I had to put it on hold.....
However, I started reading it again today; and it is VERY hard to put the book down. There is SO much more to the storyline than what is in the movie. The love between Edward and Bella goes so much deeper and personal. I am getting more and more intrigued by this book. I can't wait to finish it and get started on the other three.
Oh, and if anyone wants to get me an "I love you" or "I'm thinking of you" gift, please send me the Twilight trading cards! You can get them online or at the Hot Topic store. I only have about 35 and I need 72. I am thinking about buying the complete set from Ebay, but I am debating.

2009 here I come!

Well, first of all, Happy New Year!!

Second, I am looking forward to this year...and here is why:

1. I will be getting my first officiall income tax refund somtime in February.
2. Nathan and I will be going to California in April to visit my family and to go to my friend, Stephanie's, wedding...I am a bridemaid.
3. We will be moving to Montana...our last day of work will be on May 15th.
4. We both will start new jobs and hopefully more fullfilling and ones that pay more.
5. We get to start a new place, our own home, and all that fun stuff.
6. Nathan and I are going back to school...Nathan already enrolled and I plan on enrolling once I get my finances in order.
7. We will get to do our own Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years...without having to subject ourselves to everyone elses traditions. We can finally do it our way! :-)
8. Once we move, I am hoping to get my dog, Chloe, back...I really miss her!! Also, Nathan wants to get a dog as well, so that will be nice.

I am can't wait for some things to be over and move on...I am really looking forward to living a life with Nathan and enjoying being together in our own place.


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