Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wedding Nightmares!

It's not as bad as it sounds, but, yes, I am having wedding day nightmares. No, they're not about the idea of getting married or that I think I am making a mistake...they are small things that I worry about. Take a look at what I have been having nightmares about:

~My wedding dress is wrinkled before I walk down the aisle.
~The decorations fall off the wall, look bad, or that I don't have enough.
~My cake isn't assembled correctly or looks ugly.
~My hair looks like crap.
~The road to the venue is closed, due to snow.
~We can't take pictures outside because there is a snow storm.
~The food tastes nasty.
~I forget something very important, like: the rings, marriage license (oh crap, I need to go get that soon!!), etc.
~My professional pictures come out blurry.
~The DJ loses the CD I made.
~I trip when walking down the aisle.
~The colors on the flowergirls, Maid of Honor, and Best Man don't match.
~My make-up is all messed up or my face breaks out.
~My dress gets dirty on the way to the venue.

I have more little things that I am worrying about, but those are what I think about the most. I am looking forward to getting married and having this wedding in 5 weeks, but I will breathe easier once it is over and everything goes smoothly...hopefully!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on moving

Nathan and I decided not to move to Florida...we will be moving to Montana the second week in May of 2009. We plan on moving to Great Falls, Montana, getting jobs, and then eventually buying land out there.

Nathan wants to move in March after we both get out income tax money, but I want to stay until May because I don't want to have to ask for time off from a new job when Nathan and I fly out to California in April to go to my friends wedding. He agreed, so the plan is our last day of work here in Colorado will be May 15th and we will be moving that weekend.

Between the two of us saving and the money from our income taxes, we should have enough money to move, get a place, and live off of until we both find jobs.

First snowfall

Well, I woke up this morning to the ground covered in snow. I knew that it was supposed to snow, but it's still exciting to actually see the beautiful white snow covering the ground and trees. However, it was freezing this morning!! I had to stand outside for about 10 minutes in the freezing wind and with snow covering my shoes because I had to figure out how to get the frozen water and snow off of my car windows, so I could see where I was going. I have this pathetic window scrapper that didn't do much and the de-icer washer fluid that I put in my car wasn't working. I finally got enough off to see what I was doing while I drove to work.

I love this wintery weather, but I definitely need to invest in warmer clothes and a much better window scrapper.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall is among us in Colorado....

It is currently 37 degrees outside here in Colorado Springs and the high is only supposed to be 45 degrees. The weather is suppose to get a little warmer the next few days, but them srop down again. We might even get a little rain, maybe even some snow, tonight.

I am at work right now, with my heater on under my desk.

I love the cold weather, but it's hard for me to stay warm. I can't wait until we can use the fireplace at the house...only a couple of more weeks and the snow season will be here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday!

Today, my youngest niece turns 4-years-old. She is growing up so fast. I miss her so much! I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's official!!

My mom sent me the itineraries for my grandparents, my sister, and two, it's official, they are coming in December to mine and Nathan's wedding!! YAY!!! I am so excited.

Jaime will be my Maid of Honor and my nieces will be my flower girl and ring bearer. I am not sure which niece will be the flower girl and ring bearer, but I will have to figure that out soon. The ring bearer is not the typical ring bearer; she will be holding a blue snowflake basket, with a white pillow stuffed inside, and attached to the pillow is a small silver Cinderella carriage, and the rings will be placed in the carriage. I think I will have my older niece be the ring bearer because it is a more important job and the rings are very important. I just hope she is not disappointed that she is not the flower girl.

I have also picked out my make-up and hairstyle...Jaime, my sister, has also picked her hairstyle from a few pictures that I sent her. It is a nice style...she will look gor-ga-mis!!

Happy 7th Birthday!

Today, my niece turned 7-years-old! I can not believe how big she is getting. I remember, just yesterday, when she was shaking her little butt everytime my mom would make the sound "da-da-da-da-da" in this distinctive melody.

I really miss her and I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two months to go

There is only 2 months left before my wedding, and I really need to lose some weight. I want to lose 10lbs and tone up my back, arms, and tummy. I currently weigh 143 lbs and I want to look good in my wedding dress. Last time I tried it on, my back fat was really bothering me and I wasn't exactly the size I want to be. So, I am going to start snacking on more healthy snacks, make better food choices, and exercise more.

I know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I really enjoy eating all those yummy foods, but I will just have to eat more of the healthier stuff, like turkey and mashed potatoes, and make myself full, so I don't overindulge on the junk food.

So, wish me luck...and for those of you coming to my wedding, I hope when you see me in my dress, I look pretty and skinnier.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Nathan and I talked last night and despite how upset my mom will be, we will be moving to Florida sometime next year; probably in May. Here is the plan, even though I am not too fond of moving to Florida, I will give it a chance, since I’ve never lived there or experienced that part of Florida that he wants to move to. So, I told Nathan that I will give Florida a chance for two years and if I still don’t like it and want to live there, then we will move somewhere else; he agreed. If Florida doesn’t work out, we move to a state that I want to try out…Montana. I would love the open space, mountains, four seasons, and country feel that Montana has.

Nathan and I are getting married and we plan on starting a family someday, so we need to learn to compromise; with that, I am giving in to what he really wants and trying something new. I will keep you all up-to-date on when we are deciding to move and where we will be living. Stay tuned…

P.S. Sorry momma, I know you wanted me to move closer and not further away...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Officially Halloween-time!!

Okay, now that it's officially October, we can all start planning for Halloween. I don't have any current plans, but that might change. I am excited that the holiday seasons have finally started. Now, when I go into Walmart, Walgreens, and all those other stores, I can look at the Halloween stuff and have it finally feel like it is Halloween. Plus, the weather here in Colorado is starting to change...which I love! The leaves on the trees are changing to those beautiful fall colors, the air is cool and crisp, and I am starting to drink hot tea to stay warm. Man, I love fall and I'm looking forward to winter in a few months. I can't wait until the first snowfall of the season.


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