Sunday, July 26, 2009

Damn these drivers!

I have lived in California, a state known for it's horrible drivers; even worse, I have lived and driven in Southern California, which is considered one of the worst areas to drive in, next to New York City. I have also lived in Colorado Springs, a city dominated by crazy drivers. However, nothing compares to the horrible drivers in Billings, Montana.

I am serious, if you hate stupid drivers, stay out of Billings, or at least, have someone else drive or take the damn bus.

Here are a few scenerios of what I have to deal with EVERY time I get into mine or Nathan's car:

~NO ONE uses their turn signals, and the rare few that do (maybe 10 out of 100) turn on their
signal about halfway through the turn that they are signaling for.

~People here like to randomly slam on their brakes. No joke, there will be no one in front of them and they just slam on their brakes for no reason. Unless there is a ghost that I don't see walking across the street, then there is no reason for them to have the foot anywhere near the brake when driving. Oh oh, speaking of brakes, they must have one foot on the gas and one on the brake at all times because when I am behind them I see brakes lights, then none, brakes lights, then none, and so on constantly while I am behind them.

~They change lanes so fast and with no signal, I am surprised that there aren't more accidents. They also like to cut people off when changing lanes.

~Speaking of cutting people off, they like to pull into your lane and cut you off all the time. I am serious....just the other day I was on my way to work and this guy driving a beat-up ol' Olds Mobile cuts me off about 300 feet in front of me. I am going 40 mph and I have to literally slam on my brakes and almost come to a complete stop. The thing that pissed me off was that no one was behind me or beside me, so why couldn't he have waited till I passed or gotten in the other lane? Stupid idiot!

~I have been close to getting in an accident twice already, and I have only been here a little over 2 months and this is without any snow or ice on the ground. Both times was because stupid people on their cellphones were not paying attention and almost ran a red light and crashed into me.

~Hmmm, red lights...I guess people aren't too sure what to do about those, as well. People run red lights here as if it's part of their everyday routine. I am not kidding. On my way home from work today, I say three people run red lights, and I only live about 4 miles from my work.

~The speed limit is only 35 in the entire city, already too slow for me, and people still insist on driving 20-25 miles throughout the city.

~No one knows how to stay in their own lane when turning, or in general.....

Well, I could keep going on and on and listing all the things that are wrong with driving in this town, but what good would it do? Even the darn cops drive like this!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ready for Fall

As you can see by my blog layout, I am ready for Fall to arrive. With it being about a month and a half away, September 22nd to be exact, and I really looking forward to the cold weather and the snow that will also come with the arrival of Fall.

What I am most excited about, is that Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner once Fall is here, and then...of course, my favorite holiday, CHRISTMAS!! I have already started my Christmas shopping and the QVC Christmas in July starts tonight!

I will also be trying to keep up my blog from now on....Nathan and I have moved to Montana and, with that, I am going to keep everyone updated on our lives.


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